Ad•o•matic Founder

Founder – Kevin Sykes

For 15 years, Kevin managed AdWords accounts for small and mid-sized companies. So, using that experience, he founded his own e-commerce company in 2010.

Managing the start-up kept him busy, while AdWords became more complex. It was the perfect opportunity… to let an outside vendor help! Sadly, his experience was mixed.

It’s wasn’t all bad, though. Watching outside managers gave him a new perspective. He saw what worked and what didn’t. Then Kevin created a solution that focuses on traffic that matters. Ad•o•matic is that solution!

In the online marketplace, the “big fish” are taking up more marketshare. Therefore, the only way for your small businesses to compete is to be smarter. Rethink your marketing efforts. Ad•o•matic helps you to automate basic processes. It ties Shopping and Search together, so you can target and compete for the best search traffic.